Welcome to The Dutchess!

We started the Dutchess because we love everything that has to do with the ocean and boats and we want to share this passion with you, through what we do and our way of life. The Dutchess is a vision, founded on this passion. Read more about the Dutchess here.

Services and Products

Sailors gotta eat too, so here you can have a look at the different services and products that we are able to offer. From delivering your yacht to awesome sail bags, we hope to be of really good (and high-quality) service to you. Check it out here

Latest news

It's a full-time job doing what we love to do (sailing, being on the water, messing around with boats). Follow the current crazyness, ups and downs, progress and setbacks. There are some seriously cool stories here!

Upcoming projects

You are never too old or too knowledgeable to learn new things, to improve or to create. These are some of the projects we are working on, aspirations that we have and goals we strive to achieve. Read more here.

Who We Are

Get to know the people under the Musto-gear: The Dutchess and Skipper Swede

Just a bit of background story of us, how we came to be where we are and our experience to date (including our CVs). Read more here.

What We Do

Some of the services we offer

  • Adventure trips, mile builder, Babes on Board and more of our own 'swell' trips (pun intended...)
  • Qualified RYA Instructing
  • Skippering & Crewing for charters and flotilla
  • Delivery Skippering & Crewing
  • Race Skippering & Crewing
  • ...and much more!

What People Are Saying

Just some great feedback we've recieved

  • "Our skipper Marcus was excellent in his knowledge and coaching skills, never over intrusive and always good company" Hugo D, TripAdvisor review

  • "Our instructor Giselle was very patient and thorough" Graham NCK, TripAdvisor review

  • "Marcus 'Skipper Swede' was our fantastic instructor that week, he has a great passion for sailing and is really a gifted teacher" Patrick D, TripAdvisor review

  • "Thank you so much Giselle, you made me a more confident and capable skipper" Nathan, handwritten thank-you note